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Feb 05, 2022 · From left, Brooke Baldwin, Jeff Zucker and Don Lemon attend CNN Heroes 2017 at the American Museum of Natural History on Dec. 17, 2017, in New York City. (Getty Images).

Don Lemon’s Facts: Yes, we have done well to give you facts about Don Lemon’s parents, Boyfriend and Lifestyle. This article wouldn’t be complete if we fail to give some lesser-known or untold facts about the presenter. A Victim of Child Sexual Abuse: The Gay CNN Anchor admits to being molested by a paedophile when he was a kid.
Don Lemon – Chris Cuomo (screenshot) * # DonLemon is reportedly devastated about # ChrisCuomo being suspended from #CNN . Lemon and Cuomo have been coworkers at CNN and friends for quite some time.
DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: I want to talk to you because we're going to take a break from the headlines to talk about something I've had on my mind for quite some time now. So much so that I felt ...
CNN anchor Don Lemon suffered an embarrassing on-air slip while questioning President Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities. The CNN Tonight host was holding a copy of the Montreal Cognitive Ass
Don Lemon's Fate at CNN Revealed By Brenda Alexander - August 21, 2022 07:16 pm EDT 0 CNN has undergone major changes since the merger of its parent company Warner Bros Discovery. Brian Stelter's exit came amid the cancellation of his Sunday show Reliable Sources.